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Prepare for the Copa America Centenario

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Prepare for the Copa America Centenario

To all the athletes or sportsperson, the Copa America Centenario is coming soon! She will be hosted in USA in ten towns. Prepare yourself for tons of surprises and amazing soccer games. Monster Stuff team* can’t wait for this event to happen. Besides, we are going to watch the opening match between the USA and the Colombia in Santa Clara city in California. If you are a fan of the USA team or the Colombia one or another one, it doesn’t matter: we all need to show our support. Here are some tips to do it the right way.

  • Buy tickets and go watch the first game of your favorite team in person.


  • If you don’t have the money or the time to buy tickets, it’s okay. You can easily support your team by wearing the jersey of your favorite player at home.


  • You can also buy your country’s flag and put in your window’s car or house.


  • The day of the match, don’t hesitate to paint your face with the colors of your team or to even wear a mask.



The Copa America Centenario is starting on June 3th. Be prepared. Use our tips wisely and support your team perfectly. On our team’s behalf, we wish you all a great time. May the best team win!


*Monster Stuff is a Montreal company that is in the business of bringing your unique side. She is specialised in customizing your phone case cover. With your designs and creations, she can provide you a unique and astonishing cover.


By : Maé-Li Gendron

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